18 Juli 2011

So many inspirations..

SnB Linz ladies are the lovliest, and I´m not saying that only because I got brilliant presents for my birtday, the directly yarn related of which are: handdyed sock yarn especially for me in my favourite colours, a tiny knitted keyring-sock, and a crocheted and felted fortune cookie with a Mae West quote inside ("too much of something can be wonderful" - doubtlessly referring to my stash)

 Furthermore and on very short notice we found out about an Urban Knitting workshop at deja-vu Festival and two of us actually managed to attend. pics here as well. It was great fun and we met Janis and tschoerda there.

One of the books Janis brought with her was the German version of the Knit the City book. In one of the pictures there actually is my handbag, athough I myself was slightly out of the frame. So I´m almost in the book. Great! Not so great was the sunburn I took home that day.

And I still wonder if the guy from Graz was the same I met at the Kraftwek Lambach protest-camp a gazillion years ago.
Knitting with ten or so strands of yarn reminded me of the extreme knitting video here. I love the way the 1000 strands of yarn are hanging down that balustrade.
I also found another one, which made me think that this kind of maxi-knitting only works in English, not kontinental. I could never lift and move the needle and blanket for every stitch. Not strong enough..

Oh and another funny thing I found on ravelry:  a knitting daily video of Tom Hanks playing a practical joke on Julia Roberts - hilarious.

In addition to our upcoming meetings we will visit webermarkt Haslach, although the knitting on the train will not be possible due to rail replacement bus service. Maybe we should go by car after all?

next meet-ups
Tuesday July 19 from 6pm at Wirt am Graben
stop Taubenmarkt map web
Saturday July 23 Webermarkt Haslach, meet at Trainstation Linz Urfahr at 9.15am
please leave a comment or p.m. isenfriesen on ravelry to let us know that you join us and if you prefer going by rail replacement bus or share a car.
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Thursday July 28 from 6 pm at Café Meier
stop Hauptplatz map web


Zusätzlich zu unseren regulären Treffen gab es am 6.Juli auch noch einen Graffitistricken Workshop beim deja vu Festival mit Janis Lena Meißner, die sonst den Blog http://girdafi.blogspot.com/ hat. Extra für Gerda, die auch da war, gibts das nächste Treffen beim Wirt am Graben, damit sie endlich mal zu einem Stitch and Bitch Linz kommt.

Fotos von eSel und Biber von dort die mir besonders gefallen haben, auch hier (ich hoffe das ist ok!)

nächste Treffen:
Dienstag 19.7. ab 18 Uhr im Wirt am Graben
Haltestelle Taubenmarkt Plan Homepage
Samstag 23.7. Webermarkt Haslach, Treffpunkt beim Mühlkreisbahnhof um 9.15
Bitte Kommentar oder p.m. wenn du mitkommst, und ob du lieber Schienenersatzverkehr oder Fahrgemeinschaft möchtest!
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Donnerstag 28.7. ab 18 Uhr Café Meier
Haltestelle Hauptplatz Plan Homepage