14 August 2012

We have been voted liebster blog - that is favourite blog - by lovely wollklang and artibus-versari. Now all of our German favourite blogs have been given this award already, and we´re supposed to pass it on. I have been unable to find out how many followers prick your finger have, but since it is my favourite blog I´m going to nominate them anyway. 
So, ladies: you are now. Enjoy.

Ravelry is always a great spot for fiber news and brilliant projects, and I have found a few videos I´d like to share:

Don´t knit for your lover by The Savoy Ballroom

An advertisement for organic lemonade - in German, but who cares. It´s funny.

and this jewel here

and have I linked to this comic yet?

Come and knit - or crochet - with us! 
Beginners welcome, we also teach for free!

Upcoming meetings
Tuesday August 14 from 6pm at Wirtshaus Keintzel
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Tuesday August 21 from 6 pm at Wirt am Graben
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Wednesday August 29 from 6pm at Die Donauwirtinnen
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Und zu unserer Sommerserie Stricken anderswo

Amazing knitted fence
mehr Fotos vom gestrickten Zaun gibt es hier: Knitted fence Das ist eine Facebook Seite, aber öffentlich. Auf Fotos und dann auf Album Lace Fence clicken. Von Shetland Arts and Crafts Association.



und dann gibts noch diese gehäkelten Spielplätze ....

nächste Treffen:
Dienstag 14.8. ab 18 Uhr im Wirtshaus Keintzel
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Dienstag 21.8. ab 18 Uhr im Wirt am Graben
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Mittwoch 29.8. ab 18 Uhr bei die donauwirtinnen
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