25 November 2014

November is for … Knitting. December too.

Although this November had been unusually warm and bright so far, it has turned now to chilly winds and you can just smell the snow that is undoubtedly coming our way. Knitting and hot chocolate and nice people is just what you want these days. Especially if you can't have the blazing fire etc. So this is what we'll get. 

Not quite sure about the hot chocolate at Sisi Top, but there will be coffee for sure. And a lovely record player with a quirky collection of good old fashioned records. You actually need to change between sides with your own bare hands.. So we will happily click our needles to the tunes. And since this is an up-cycling studio cum shop cum cafe you might even get some christmas shopping done and have more knitting time to make yummy squishy things for yourself.

And we are very pleased to host a sit and knit for a group of knitting cruise participants. This year we were even announced as one of the tour highlights. I just hope we will live up to the expectation. 

I'd love to cruise the danube myself, and knit while the ever changing landscapes are passing by. Hey, we actually did that once, but only for an afternoon and it was summer then..

The Christmas Cruise will probably look more like this: 

Anyhow, we will meet at Cafe Meier and have a great time. You are all very welcome to join us, exchange views and techniques, admire the work of others and get a few rows done while you're there. If you are working on a secret present for a loved one our meetings are ideal - you get them done without fear of being watched. The only exception would be your SnB Sectet Santa, of course. That's the only gift where our meetings are not the perfect place to knit it…

So come on and join us at our upcoming meetings:

Thursday November 27 from 5 pm at Sisi Top
- upcycling studio, shop and cafe Sisi Top with a comfy couch and lots to see have invited us to come and knit with them again -
nearest stop Hauptplatz map web
Tuesday December 2 from 6pm at Café Stern 
stop Taubenmarkt map web
Friday December 12 from 6pm at Cafe Meier
- this will be a truly international meeting with knitting cruise participants from overseas -
stop Hauptplatz map web

and please make sure you can come and join us for 
Secret Santa - December 16 from 6pm at Wirt am Graben
- bring a handmade yarny gift and receive on in return.. we aim for about 7 Euros worth of yarn, endless love and priceless creativity -
nearest stop Taubenmarkt map web