15 Juli 2013

the sisterhood of the clicking sticks

... yes that´s the sisterhood of the clicking sticks aka Stitch and Bitch Linz  
Come by and join us for one of our upcoming meetings!

People keep sending or giving me great knitting related cards like these, especially Rikiroo who found the bottom two with puns in German. Many thanks and woolly hugs and best wishes. I especially love the Wolleball (woolly ball for volleyball).

I was quite overwhelmed by the lovely yarny things the stitching community and their friends were coming up with. Yes, it was my birthday. First of all there was this fabulous notebook from which I borrowed the post title and that included a handwritten pattern and hand-drawn chart that nobody has knitted before. Isn´t that great? The needles came from the same friend as the postcard with the Shetland Ponies in their Fair Isle sweaters. He didn´t even know I was going to go there. Not happening now, but that´s a different story. So, he now lives next to Dye for Yarn and since he was coincidentally visiting Linz on my birthday weekend he thought he might find something for me there. Since they had no vegan yarn he decided to give me a set of interchangeable needles instead.  
I got lots of other lovelies, and this card

Very good advice for numerous situations.
Since I´m fond of cards too I found something fitting. This one´s for you:

Have fun at Webermarkt Haslach, all of you, and don´t break the bank!

upcoming meetings
Tuesday July 16 from 6 pm at Café Meier
 nearest stop Hauptplatz map web
Tuesday July 23 from 6pm at Wirt am Graben
nearest stop Taubenmarkt map web
Thursday August 1 from 6pm at Café Traxlmayr
 nearest stop Taubenmarkt map web